You've booked your trip to Disneyland® Paris & you're getting ready to go, but what do you need to take with you? I'm sure a lot of people spend a lot of time planning what to take, then get there and realise they've forgotten something. Check out the list below for things you need to take with you to Disney®, and what to take to the parks.

Autograph book - you can also buy these in the parks
Batteries - for cameras etc. you can buy these in the parks
Book or something to read
Bottled water - once empty you can refill the bottle in the water fountains throughout the parks
Camera - an essential item!
Comfortable shoes
Drivers license
Film - for your camera (also sold in the parks)
First aid kit
Glasses and contact lenses
Medication - any prescription medication, along with pain
medications and antacids. Take a copy of your prescription with you in-case you run out while your there
Money, travellers cheques and credit cards
Moisturising lotion - your skin can dry out with the chlorine from the pools
Nail clippers and file
Needle and thread
Nightlight - I always bring a nightlight for my kids, you just have to wrap it well do the bulb does not break
Notebook and pens
Plastic bags - to put dirty laundry in
Plastic cutlery and plates - for in-room dining
Portable CD player
Rain ponchos
Safety pins
Stain remover stick
Sunglasses, sunscreen
Tapes - for your video camera
Tissues, wet wipes - for a clean up after snack in the parks
Things to entertain the kids on the journey
Zipper bags - for keeping items dry when at a wet ride or queuing on a wet day

You don't want to be carrying a ton of weight around with you all day, but you don't want to find you've not got something you need. Check out this list for the essentials to take to the parks. don't forget, there are lockers at the entrance to both parks, where you can leave things you don't want to carry around.

Autograph book - also take a chunky pen as it is easier for the characters to hold
Book - something to keep you occupied during those long waits for shows and parades
Camcorder - don't forget extra tapes
Camera - with extra films and batteries
Credit card - if you take more than one, leave one behind in your hotel room safe. Also keep a note of the number to call if your card is lost
Drivers license
Cash (Euros), Credit/Debit Cards
Comb or brush
Film - better to have to many than to run out at that crucial photo opportunity!
Identification for kids - write his/her name, your name, your resort and any medical conditions on a piece of paper, this can help if the child gets lost.
Lip balm - with added sunscreen
Maps - of the parks. Available throughout the parks
Needle and thread - for quick clothing repairs - you wont want to walk around for the rest of the day with a hole in your shorts!
Park admission tickets
Pen - large thick one
Plastic bags or zipper bags
Poncho - can be brought throughout the parks
Resort ID cards - if you are staying at a Disney® Hotel, keep it with you at all times. You'll need it to re-enter the resort, unlock your door, use Disney's® transportation, enter the parks, or charge something to your room
Snacks, sweets etc - for the kids
Socks (spare)
Sweater - evening and even days can get quite chilly!
Water bottle - when empty, you can refill it at one of the many water fountains throughout the parks
Wet wipes

First Aid Kit
Antiseptic wipes. Tweezers. Scissors. Safety pins. Assorted stretch fabric plasters. Crepe bandages. Insect repellent. Travel sickness pills. Children's medicines. Sunburn lotion. Soothing cream for insect bites. Mild painkillers.

Packing Tips
In your hand luggage, pack medications, spare underwear, some toiletries, and any other essentials, in case your luggage goes missing. Divide your money/travellers cheques between your bags, and then if one bag goes missing, you wont be left without money.
Coordinate your wardrobe before you go. Its no good getting there and finding out that top doesn't go with any of your skirts or pants you've brought with you!
If you roll up your clothes when packing, they wont crease as much.
Save room in your case by packing small thinks in your shoes. Take two large suitcases with you, try to leave one fairly empty then you'll have plenty of room for all the souvenirs you buy!
Take a couple of empty plastic sacks to put soiled or wet clothes in for the trip home.