Why we go for Sunday arrivals?
When you arrive on a Sunday with MagicalDLP, you save up to 15% off the standard rates and enjoy the magic for less, the parks are also open later on a Sunday.
The busiest days in the Disney® parks are Friday and Saturday so if you arrive on a Sunday you will miss the queues for all the spectacular rides and get your dream holiday at a bargain price!

Half Board Options (Must be pre-booked for length of stay)
Upgrade to half board before you travel and save 15% off menu prices in Disney® restaurants.
Disneyland® Paris offer 3 half board options, (Standard, Plus & Premium) to make meal times easy and to save you money.

What To Pack?

Assisted access passes

For guests with special needs Disneyland® Paris will provide assisted access passes to make your visit as easy as possible. These passes mean only one member of your group need to queue and the guests with disabilities can wait until they are ready to ride.
The passes are available to adults or children with physical or mental disabilities. Let us know if you have a member of your group that requires these passes on your room list with details of their disability and we will take care of the rest.

Pushchair hire
You can rent pushchairs in both the Disneyland® Park and Walt Disney Studios® for a nominal daily fee (around 6 euro’s per day) allowing you to leave your own buggy behind and reducing the luggage you have to carry.
There is a refundable deposit of 150 euro’s to cover breakages.

Early Birds:
Be the first through the gates and head straight for the ride of your choice. Don't be distracted by the bubble-gum pink castle, there's plenty of time for that later. Instead, make for the big rides like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear® etc; that will get busy by midday.

Night Owls:
If you can take the pace, stay in the parks as late as you can or come out the parks mid afternoon, go for a rest, then go back a bit later. As sleepy heads go to bed and the French go home (after the parade), queues get shorter and crowds thin, so you can walk straight onto your favourite rides.

Parade Time:
Seen the parade before? Target the main attractions while everybody's watching.

Blue Skies aren't guaranteed during low season (Jan-June, Sept-Nov), but quicker access onto the rides more than makes up for the temperamental weather.

Get onto the rides fast with a free FASTPASS®, offered to all visitors. This maximises your time in the parks as you can go straight on the rides with little or no queue.

Baby Swap:
Parents with tiny tots can get a piece of Disney's® white-knuckle action, by taking advantage of the "Baby Swap".
While the first partner rides, the second waits for them to come back and then it's their turn, without queuing again. Simply mention at the start of the queue that you are two parents with a baby

Disney Tips
01. If it's raining, head for the arcades at either side of Main Street.
02. Do not become mesmerised by all the shops unless you have plenty of time.
03. If you are particularly keen to see any attraction, restaurant or show, check out City Hall for what is available.
04. Main Street Station gets very busy! So join the Disneyland® Rail Road at one of the other stations.
05. Do not let children eat too many sweets before they go on the rides.
06. Catch the Fantasyland attractions when queues are short, early or late in the day or during meal and parade times.
07. Very young or susceptible children may find parts of Snow White, The Dragon's Lair and Peter Pan frightening.
08. You may have an expensive time if you let your children investigate too many shops.
09. Use the FASSPASS® service whenever possible.
10. Get to the Parades early down Main Street USA® for the best places.

Character Tips:
The Disney® Characters want you to have the best possible experience with them. Don't force children up to a character that they feel uncomfortable with; the characters happy to spend some time making a child feel more at ease.
Most characters can sign autograph books, although if a character signals with its hands or paws when handing them a book, they are probably asking for something to be done (open the book, give the pen first). Make sure you have a clean page opened ready to sign; test the pen works, is turned on and the cap is removed. Characters can hear and see, and most enjoy communicating with guests. They love it if you are wearing a piece of clothing with them on it or are holding a stuffed animal.

Fastpass® Service:
This FREE time saving service is designed to cut waiting times at the following attractions.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
Space Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain
Peter Pan's Flight
Star Tours
Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast®
Rock'n'Roller Coaster
Flying Carpets Over Agrabah
Crusher Coaster®
The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror™
By inserting your park ticket into the distributor machine at the entrance of the attraction of your choice, you will receive a ticket for a one hour time slot. When you return to the attraction during this time, you will be able to enter within a short time, thus avoiding the traditional waiting time. You cannot use more than one Fastpass® at one time. Note that this service is subject to availability and it is advisable to visit popular attractions as early as possible.

Some Do's:
Remember to bring a sweater, light rain wear and comfortable shoes.
Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.
Children under seven must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
Make sure you have your park tickets and room key with you, when leaving your hotel room.
Check on closing times.
Pick up an Entertainment Program in Disneyland® Park or The Walt Disney Studios®.
Life is easier if you use a debit or credit card. Most are widely accepted.

Some Do Not's:
Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed inside attractions and in queuing areas.
Do not leave personal belongings unattended.
No flash photography or video taping are allowed inside the attractions.