Discover fun around the clock-and even up in the air-in an entertainment district that's like no other. Starting at the Disneyland® Park gates and going until late, there's something for the whole family with shopping, restaurants, dancing, shows, a cinema and more.


Concerts at Billy Bob's: Authentic Sights and Sounds of the South
Swing through the doors of this saloon and step straight into Texas. Here, a three-level bar overlooks a stage where live Elvis tribute acts, rock 'n' roll bands and jazz extraordinaires work their magic—all whilst you sip on a tipple of your choice and munch on some nachos. You can even fill up with the all-you-can-eat buffet in La Grange at Billy Bob's restaurant on the first floor.

Disney Village® Web Radio...the next best thing to being there!
Tune into Disney Village® Web Radio and you'll find a whole host of hits, some magnificent music shows and all the latest news! Check out our restaurants' playlists: Jazz in The Steakhouse, Rock 'n' Roll & 50s-style tracks at Annette's Diner, Disney® Classics in Café Mickey and Country & Rock over at Billy Bob's! And at weekends, make sure you don't miss our fantastic Club Mix: 6 whole hours of Dance, Pop, Electro & Disco tracks! The spotlight is turned on live music, too, as listeners can enjoy recordings of the numerous live concerts Billy Bob's hosts every month! And last but not least there are the new pure lounge mixes that accompany our After work nights!​

Disney® Gaumont cinema: The Complex
Housing 15 huge cinema screens fully loaded with the latest sound technology, this is the ultimate place to recline in comfort, or jump to the edge of your seat, and experience cinema at its best.​ Movies and Show Times: This is where you can catch the latest Hollywood action, adventure, fantasy, rom-com and animated blockbusters. Visit the Gaumont Pathe! website to find current movies and show times.​

PanoraMagique: now Taking Off Over Lake Disney®
PanoraMagique offers up to 30 guests at a time (depending on weather conditions) the chance to enjoy a 6-minute ride filled with unrivalled 360º views over Disneyland® Paris-sometimes as far away as 20km! Moored on Lake Disney® in Disney Village®, this helium-filled sphere offers a truly uplifting experience for everyone. Aspects of PanoraMagique Environmentally friendly and silent
High-performing (fast speed winch with six flights per hour) Reliable (only system in the world to be certified and approved as an Aéronef)


Disney® Stadium: A Great Place to Stop and Play
Head over to Disney Village® and immerse yourself in the bright lights, buzzes and high scores of this arcade and games paradise. There's something for all ages, with button bashing arcade classics, driving simulators, sports challenges, dance machines and a whole lot more.

The games at the Stadium require coins and cash to play.


Boutique King Ludwig's Castle
In this fairytale castle discover hidden treasures such as, a well-known brand of scented candles, Paris souvenirs, retro themed gifts & medival knights.

Boutique Planet Hollywood
Step out of the ordinary and into this dazzling world inspired by the magic of cinema and television. Explore a wonderful collection of authentic costumes, movie prop replicas and toys from dozens of your favourite Disney films.

Boutique Rainforest Café
Capture the magic and memories of your adventures in the Amazonian areas of Disneyland® with this collection of adorable stuffed animals, great costumes and other tropical treats.

Disney® Fashion​
Trendy T-shirt prints, hot new designs and cuts, and a whole host of fashion-forward accessories are waiting here to transform your wardrobe or bring your home alive with the magic of Disney®. You'll find a style and size for every age. ​

The Disney® Gallery
Discover a stunning gallery of Disney® designs. Capture your favourite movie moments with limited edition prints, animation cels and models. Art on Demand lets you choose from a wide selection of posters and have everything delivered home.

Disney® Store
As you pass under the glowing blue neon archway and see some of Disney's® most famous characters flying above you, there's a sense of wonder in this store selling a huge range of Disney®-themed gifts and delights.

The LEGO® Store
You are the Master Builder! Discover the world of Disney's® in LEGO form, ready to reconstruct your favourite scenes at home or create new adventures made from your wildest dreams. A massive selection of sets and individual figures.

World of Disney®
The biggest, and some would say the best, gift store at Disneyland® Paris. This dazzling, circular space feels like a palace with grand columns, giant murals and a selection of exclusive merchandise that's hard to find elsewhere.

World of Toys
Calling all princesses, Peter Pans, fairies and other young adventurers! There are hundreds of toys in store for you here, together with beautiful costumes and exciting accessories-all in a glittering 'it's a small world' setting.


Treat your taste buds to some culinary delights.
From table-service to quick bites, it's a feast for all the family.

Click here or on any picture for all Disney® Dinning.

Know Before You Go

Disney Village® opening hours:
Access to Disney Village® is free and open every day

Baby Changing Stations:
Baby changing station is located in the restrooms near the Sports Bar

What to Wear:
Proper dress must be worn. Only Disney® branded costumes and make-up applied by Disney® artists are allowed in Disney Village®.
Children aged under 12 must be accompanied in Disney Village® by a parent or responsible adult.

Cash Dispenser:
Cash dispenser available at information kiosk